• ISBN: 9788472121577
  • Author: Camarena, Ricard
  • Publ Date: 1899-12-30
  • Pages: 0
  • Binding: HB
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Ricard Camarena has written ôBroths, the Code of Flavourö together with the publisher Montagud Editores.
The book, one of the most eagerly awaited on the gastronomic scene, explains how Ricard Camarena has come
to transform the very foundations of cooking itself. All the types of broths the cook uses to prepare his dishes are
also examined; their key points are detailed and practical explanation is given via some of this Spanish chefÆs most
iconic recipes.
ôFlavour is the essence of my cooking. My aim is to enhance the dinerÆs five senses in each dish and surprise them
with a unique experience,ö says Ricard Camarena. ôFor each of our culinary offerings, we cook from the heart.ö
It is a philosophy that he applies to all of his cooking, and to every single process, as can be seen throughout the
272 pages of ôBrothsö.
This book is highly technical. For this reason a series of icons have been designed to offer readers easy information.
Orange icons indicate the type of broth Ricard Camarena is dealing with. Green icons indicate the type of flavour
enhancer used to make the broth. Moreover, despite this indication being given next to the name of the dish, it will
also appear in the specific colour in the recipe text.
Where the recipe contains photo illustrations of the process, it will be indicated in the recipe.
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